enMTW Claims to Release iOS 9.3 Jailbreak After the iPhone SE Launched

Tomorrow Apple will bring several new products in the annual media event, which may include the rumored iPhone SE, iPad Air 3 and New Apple Watch bands. Last month, an iOS hacker @enMTW had claimed that he had jailbroken the iOS 9.3 beta, and posted a screenshot as proof on his Twitter.

Just few days ago, @enMTW claimed again that his iOS 9.3 jailbreak already poised, he also given an ETA for the release, saying he will release it once the upcoming iPhone SE is made available by Apple.

In accordance with the laws of the past, we analyze Apple will release iOS 9.3 to public shortly after the March 21st’s ‘Let us Loop you in’ event. So we can infer if enMTW said truthfully, he should want to add iPhone SE in the iOS 9.3 compatibility list, so he decided to keep the jailbreak to himself until the release of iPhone SE and not iOS 9.3.

So we are currently unable to determine whether the things he said is real, even if it is a fake, but even so, others such as Pangu are also active and might already have a working jailbreak ready for release right after iOS 9.3’s release.

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