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As you are reading this blog, you are probably an iPhone or iPad enthusiast. I know some of you are even an iPhone, iPad, Mac or Apple Watch expert, knowing all the tricks of the device. Have you ever thought of sharing these tricks with other readers?

With over 250,000 iPhone apps in App Store, I can say no one can try out all the apps. Some useful apps may be ignored by us simply because Apple doesn’t feature them in the front page of iTunes. Even if you may not be an expert, you probably find some “really” interesting iPhone apps that are worth to share with others. Have you ever thought of sharing these apps with other readers?

At Applelives, we strive to become one of the best iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple Watch communities. If you have any good idea about the devices, we are delighted to have you as an guest author and submit posts to share your experience. Our articles reach over 250,000 Apple enthusiasts each month, plus over 4,000 RSS/email subscribers. It is a great way to share your expertise or beloved apps with others. When your article is published, you will get full credit for the article. It is accompanied by a full bio, which also contain links to your web site (if any).

If this sounds interesting to you, here are the guidelines.


iPhone tips, news, app review, jailbreaking trick or hacks from cydia. These are just a few examples. Actually, we are looking for anything related to iPhone and iPad as long as the article is well written in English. When submitting the article, the best is to include a few images. This is particularly important for articles related to app review.


To submit your article, you can send it directly in below. In case you have any question, you can also contact me here.

Look forward to your article submission!

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