Download iTunes 12.4.1 to Fix VoiceOver Issues and Fix Minor Bugs

Today, Apple released iTunes 12.4.1 to address a “number of problems” pertaining to VoiceOver. This new version of iTunes also reintroduces the option to reset the play count and fixes a couple of other issues.

iTunes 12.4.1 fixed some issues where iTunes does not work as expected with VoiceOver It also restores the option to Reset Plays and fixes the following issues:. Up Next may have unexpectedly played songs added together in the incorrect order.
iTunes was prevented from crossfading between songs.

In addition, music, movies, TV shows, podcasts and other media project area also redesigned. Apple hides some less commonly used media items in the new version, mainly music, movies and TV shows. There are 10 days away from the opening of the annual WWDC conference, when OS X 10.12 will also appear with a new version of iTunes.
You can download iTunes 12.4.1 from the Mac App Store.

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