World of Warcraft Movie Wallpapers HD for iPhone

Movie “Warcraft” adapted from Blizzard Entertainment’s classic game “World of Warcraft”, tells the story of Azeroth peace was broken, were losing their homes, seeking orcs invaded the land to survive. Since then, the two worlds of the Dark Portal opened, fighters for their homeland and the people to rise up and fight. Videos from the “Source Code” director Duncan Jones directed, Toby Kebbell (Durotan), Travis · Vermeer (Lothar), Paula Patton (Garona), Robert Cassin Chomsky (Auger Orem Doomhammer), Ben Schneider Ze (Khadgar), Ben Foster (Medivh), Daniel Wu (Gul’dan) starring the like. The film will be June 8 to 2D, 3D, IMAX3D and giant-screen format release.

The below are some World of Warcraft Movie Wallpapers for iPhone.

Warcraft-Shoulders-2 warcraft-poster-blackhand-the-destroyer Warcraft-Movie-Durotan-SDCC-Character-Poster-1277x1940 warcraft-movie-alliance-poster warcraft-female-orc-poster NYfigU2 3045471-6

How to Download Warcraft Movie Wallpapers

Just touch and hold on the photo for about a second and a menu will pop up with the option to save or copy the picture.

The saved images are automatically placed in the default Photos app under an album called “Saved Photos” or “Camera Roll” depending on your device and version of iOS.

From the Photos app you can email a saved picture, assign it to a contact, or use it as your iPod’s wallpaper.

How to Set World of Warcraft Movie Wallpapers as iPhone Wallpaper

The Settings app on your iPhone controls many different aspects of your phone. Normally when you want to configure something in the iOS, you should start from the Settings. Tap on to open the Settings on your iPhone 6. You will find a menu item called ‘Wallpapers‘ as shown in below screenshot.

In the Wallpapers settings screen, you can find the Choose a New Wallpaper option above your current wallpapers displayed at the lower section from the iPhone screen.

To change a new wallpaper or background on iPhone, tap on the right arrow besides ‘Choose a New Wallpaper’, then you will be taken to a new screen like this.

Here you have the options to choose a new wallpaper either from built-in Apple Wallpaper or your own photos saved in Camera Roll or your photo library. To set your own photo as iPhone wallpaper, choose Recently Added or other photo albums on iPhone, browse to the photo you like to set as new background image on iPhone.

You can also set a Photo as new wallpaper on iPhone 6 with an easier way

To change a new wallpaper on iPhone, you can simply pick up any photo from your Camera Roll, then set it directly as the new iPhone background image. It is even easier.

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