Top 20 Cydia Tweaks for iOS 9.2 You Must Have

Although the jailbreak has become less important for iOS users, but it still brings some fresh ‘ideas’ to make your iPhone look different. And now jailbreak still stay at iOS 9.2, currently no further news about the iOS 9.2.1 or iOS 9.3 jailbreak, just some unreliable shows.

Perhaps hackers and teams are waiting for Apple officially release iOS 9.3 in the upcoming March event, to release a new jailbreak for the firmware. But no matter how, I believe that the jailbreak will go on, if your phone is currently running on iOS 9.2 and been jailbroken, then never miss these cydia tweaks posted below which makes your device more beautiful and intelligent.

Cydia Tweaks List

  1. Alkaline Enables you to customize the battery icon of your iPhone. With the pre-defined themes to boot, this tweak adds a cool feature to your iPhone’s battery icon. If personalizing your stuff gives you joy, then Alkaline should hit you off.
  2. Anchor allows you to arrange Home screen icons with spaces in between them.
  3. Audiorecorder is an impressive jailbreak tweak that allows you to record phone calls from a variety of sources and also lets you record system audio. You may be familiar with other jailbreak releases by Limneos, such as CallBar and BioProtect.
  4. iBlacklist is the best firewall for iMessages, calls, facetime, SMS and MMS available for the iDevices.
  5. iScheduler saves your iPhone battery by switchinf off iPhone Services at preset time and allows you to send SMS automatically at fixed time.
  6. BioProtect lets iPhone users protect their apps using Touch ID.
  7. CallBar re-designs the incoming call view to allow you to use your device while it’s ringing. Answer, decline or dismiss a call with ease without stopping what you’re doing.
  8. QuickDo Cydia tweak to virtually do almost everything using gesture on your iDevice. You can simulate the Home button, Power button, Volume, Mute and etc. Its like the hyped up version of Activator.
  9. Dock tweak allows you to hide the apps on homescreen replaced with a dock bar appeared form the right side of the screen using a gesture.
  10. HideFavoritesTab allows you to set up whatever you want with “”, and really hide recents list、contacts tab individually.
  11. HideMeX is one of the best tweaks that gives all the customization options in one tweak and let s you to customize your iPhone from a single place.
  12. KuaiDial is a very powerful call helper, which offers various tweak that allow you install a smart dialer on your iOS smartphone.
  13. Lockhtml 4 allows you to replace the default iOS clock and date with HTML widgets. There are tons of such beautiful HTML widgets. Helps creating beautiful setups for your lockscreen.
  14. NightMode9 is the best iPhone tweak to save your eyes, it is an useful Cydia tweak especially designed for night time which helps to lower brightness and enable night mode.
  15. OpenNotifier 9 allows you to freely change the position of the icons in iOS status bar
  16. Paragon+ tweak allows users to have the Windows Phone look on their iOS 9 powered device.
  17. Sol is an interesting jailbreak tweak that provides an alternative way of silencing incoming calls and alarms. With the tweak installed, all you have to do to silence alarms and incoming calls is to flip your device similar to some Android devices.
  18. Springtomize 3 is the ultimate utility for your iDevice! It’s the only customization tweak you’ll ever need. It features plenty of options to customize even the smallest aspect of your device(s). Every single option includes a brief explanation of its effect, making it very easy to use. The whole application has been localized in 20 different languages, so everyone will be able to use it without an issue.
  19. WatchBoard is a full home screen replacement for jailbroken iOS 9 devices, with the Apple Watch layout to replace your iOS 9 interface.
  20. Anemone is a theme customizer likes winterboard allows you to customize your iPhone’s theme, icons, menu style etc, it also gives you a plethora of options to customize your iPhone themes, app icons and background colors effectively.

All the cydia tweak listed above can be found in the BigBoss Repo, just search and install them in Cydia Store.

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