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Trigraphy Transforms Images into Digital art on iPhone

Trigraphy is a texture effects camera app developed by Nixes. With it, iPhone user can easily control photos to add a bunch of special texture effects to make photos with more artistic sense. Trigraphy provides five effect templates for user, four sets are provided by default , another shoud purchase.

These templates are actually rich in content, each has a variety of effects, users simply click on the appropriate button in the template to switch effects.

The app is easy to use, built-in brightness and sharpness regulator, offers six personalized filters, all effects all support overlay, course it also provides an additional eraser supports for adjusting the thickness and the degree of blur, allowing users to wipe unwanted effects blossoms.


Effects are clever drawing algorithms that use the information from your image to create a crazy new one. In most of the cases the final image quality doesn’t depend on the input image!

For every effect there are a number of presets. Different presets, different results. It’s as if you have a bunch of different effects within the effect… EFFECTSCEPTION!

Every effect has up to two properties and one special setting.

Choose from 20+ textures to add more fine detail to your images. Textures are also exportable in 4K!

Create stunning results by blending effect and original image with the masking brush.

Add finishing touches by applying color filters, contrast and sharpness.

With the flat tool you can add new effect on top of the current result. In combination with the masking brush this gives you virtually unlimited combinations.

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Browse and get new effects to expand your creative toolset. Keep it fresh!

Premium feature. Export your awesome creation up to 4096 x 4096. Perfect if you are a professional or you want to print your trigraphy in top quality.

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