How to Fix iSpy Error 1 on Mac

Every time when you open your Mac, an error message pops up, that says “Couldn’t establish communlcations with iSpy. Error 1. Try restarting your computer and/or running Espionage. EspionageHelper will quit now.”


Do not worry, this is not a malware mades your computer into the privacy crisis. ISpy is actually the kernel extension associated with Espionage 2, a folder-encryption software package. It is understood that this error 1 due to Espionage 2 was incompatible with Mavericks.

However, you can not fix this annoying warning window that incessantly pop up even if you try to restart the software or the laptop itself, it still pops up.

So the below is a simple tutorial guides you how to quickly resolve the issue and get everything back up and working for iSpy!

Here’s a quick summary for those with this problem. You may be prompted to enter an administrative password when deleting files noted below.

  1. In the Finder, hold down Option, click the Go menu, and select Library.
  2. In the folder that appears, delete these files (not all may be present).





  1. Press Command-Shift-G and in the Go To the Folder dialog, enter/System/Library/Extensions.
  2. Delete the file named iSpy.kext.
  3. Finally, press Command-Shift-G and in the Go To the Folder dialog, enter~/Library
  4. In the LaunchDaemons folder in the Library folder, delete either or both of these files, if present.



  1. In the PrivilegedHelperTools folder in the Library folder, deletecom.taoeffect.Espionage if that file is present.
  2. Restart OS X as you would normally.

While I didn’t have Espionage 2 installed, my father confirms this process got rid of the dialog for him.

And that’s it! After that, your Macbook and its software will be running smoothly with no warning windows popping up.

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