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How to Fix iSpy Error 1 on Mac

Every time when you open your Mac, an error message pops up, that says "Couldn't establish communlcations with iSpy. Error 1. Try restarting your...

How to Check the XcodeGhost Malware Lurking in iOS Apps

XcodeGhost again, although Apple has issued a statement saying the malware has been confirmed exist in multiple applications in several apps, but the company...

How to Prevent XcodeGhost Malware Infecting iOS

XcodeGhost is a mobile phone virus, which primarily spread by downloading Xcode from unofficial sources, this malware able to infect CoreService library files in...

How to Clear ‘KeyRaider’ Malware on Jailbroken iPhone

'KeyRaider' is a iOS malware found by Palo Alto Networks, which lurk in jailboken iOS to steal a user's Apple account information. According to...
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