How to Stop Steam Games Keep Crashing on Mac

The steam games always crashing on your Mac? Such as the CS-GO, Dota 2, Star Wars and even the Steam client for Mac constantly crashing or freezing, then how to fix and stop the crashing.

The below are few tricks guides you how to prevent steam games keep crashing on Mac, hope useful for you.

In many cases, an app crashing mainly due to hardware, system and software compatibility. So you need one investigation these factors.

1. Troubleshooting Network Connectivity

Please exit Steam and go to the folder Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Steam

Delete all of the files in this folder except for SteamApps.

Restart your computer.

Launch Steam and re-test the issue.

Note: This process will not affect your currently installed games.

Note: If you are using Lion please do the following to enable your Library folder:

1. Open Terminal
2. Type chflags nohidden ~/Library
3. Close Terminal

You should see the Library folder available through the Go menu on the menu bar while holding down the option key.

If the issue persists, make sure your network is optimized for Steam.

2. Check System Requirements

This will let you know if it’s a problem with the game, or if it simply requires a more powerful Mac than you’ve got.

If the game has higher system requirements than your Mac, there is little you can do but either get a better Mac or try to get a refund on the game. And, without wishing to compound your unhappiness, learn your lesson to check system requirements before purchasing in future.

3. Update OS X (or get off the beta)

If you have trouble with any Mac software then updating OS X to the latest version is usually the best first step (open App Store and click Updates). This could help fix any problems with software incompatibility and help you down the line.

If you’re in the Mac OS X Beta Seed programme you should go back to using the regular version of OS X and see if it that helps.

4. Adjust the game settings

Most games feature graphical or other settings that can be turned down to enable faster performance, and higher compatibility with older computers. It may be that the game’s settings are too high.

Turning them down – lessening the graphical razzle-dazzle in exchange for reducing the burden on your hardware – can solve some problems.

5. Run the game from an Admin account

We often suggest that you don’t use an Admin account to do your day-to-day stuff in OS X (although most of the time we do). But if you’re running from a Standard account, and having problems, it’s worth switching to an Admin account.

Click System Preferences > Users and the Lock icon. Pick your account and select Allow User to Administer This Computer.

This can be tricky if the game is being played by a child, because turning on Admin rights turns off parental controls. Maybe set up an account just for gaming and keep an eye on kids while they use it.

6. Reset your NVRAM and restart the game

Resetting the NVRAM can help in some instances where games crash. This Apple Support document has more information on resetting the NVRAM in your Apple Mac computer.

7. Update Java to make sure games work properly

If you’re having trouble with a game crashing you should make sure you’re running the latest version of Java. Click System Preferences > Java and click Update Now.

8. Clear the game caches

Games, like many apps, have a cache of data that is used to speed up load times. Clearing the game’s cache can help fix problems with the game.

These are typically found in the Caches folder inside your User/System folder. Find them by choosing Go > Go To Folder and entering ~/Library/Caches. Close the game, delete the caches for the game (this won’t prevent it from running) and restart the game.

10. Delete the game and reinstall

When deleting the game we find it’s best to use AppZapper, which clears out the main game file and also all of the supporting files. Be careful to check the game’s support website for information about deleting and reinstalling the game, and in particular look for any information about transferring any game save data from one installation to the next.

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