How to Connect Clash Royale’s iPhone Account to Android

Clash Royale is undoubtedly the most popular card game available on iPhone and Android phones. However, because many people have both iOS and Android devices, and may want to transfer their Clash Royale account from one device type to the other. The following tutorial will show you how to connect Clash Royale account on iPhone to Clash Royale on Android.

How to transfer your Clash Royale account from Android to iOS, or from iOS to Android.

In order to transfer your village between and iOS and Android device, it needs to be connected to Game Center/Google+. You can verify the Game Center connection on iOS by logging into Game Center and opening the game from the Game Center’s ‘Games’ tab. For Android, open Clash of Clans and connect your village to Google+ in the in-game settings by clicking the Google+ sign in button.

Note: You can only link your Clash Royale account once, so if you do it between the two platforms using your Google ID and Apple ID you’ll be able to play the game on any iOS and Android device. As a result, the game actually lets you do more than just transfer your Clash Royale account – once you link your account from one platform to the other, you can play on any supported device and your progress will always be synced.

Once everything verified, you should move your Clash Royale Profile between your devices follow these steps:

iOS to Android

Link iOS with Android1

Step#1 Open game on the iOS devce, iPhone or iPad.

Step#2 Tap on the settings button on the game screen

Step#3 When the Settinsg menu shows up, tap on the “Link Device” and then “This is the OLD DEVICE”.


Link iOS with Android

Step#4 Then open Clash Royale on your Android phone or tablet.

Step#5 Also tap on the settings button.

Step#6 Tap on “link device” and then tap on “This is the NEW DEVICE”.

Step#7 Go back to iOS device where the code will be showing.

Step#8 Type the code into your Android phone or tablet.

Step#9 Confirm that you are linking the correct account.

Android to iOS

Link Android to iOS

Step#1 Same token, on your Android device, in Clash Royale Settings menu, select ‘Link Device’ and then tap on the ‘This is the OLD DEVICE’ option.

Step#2 Tap on “link device” and chose that this is the old device.

Link Android to iOS2

Step#3 Go to your iPad and iPhone. Tap the settings button in Clash Royale.

Step#4 Tap on “link device” and chose that this is the new device.

Step#5 Go to your Android phone or tablet to view the code

Step#6 Type the code into your iPad. Confirm that it’s the right account and then your accounts will be linked.

After you have linked your two devices you are able to play on the same account on both of them. All your progress will be synched which is really nice. Then you can play on your phone on the bus and on your tablet when you get home.


Q: I don’t receive any code. It asked me to use the correct Google/Apple ID.

A: That means you are not using the correct Apple/Google ID, which is connected with your Clash Royale account. Please Sign In with the correct one and then try again.

Q: When I try to link my account, it said that I could only link once?

A: I am so sorry about that. You can link your account just 1 time so you should use it wisely. Link your account to both of your Google ID and Apple ID and then you can use it on all iOS and Android devices.