iPad Air 3 Concept: Ultra-narrow Edge also Supports 3D Touch

Before the arrival of this spring event, many iPad users expect Apple to update iPad Air product line and release iPad Air 3, but they only launched 9.7-inch iPad Pro, even news that the iPad Air product line will be gradually withdraw from iPad family.

Perhaps Apple is preparing a big update for the iPad Air. Recently a designer Geert van Uffelen created an iPad Air 3 concept feature with a 9.7-inch Retina screen and supports 3D Touch, the body also has the ability to dustproof and waterproof, the material uses 7000 series aluminum alloy. It also comes with powerful A10 processor, Apple Pencil supportĀ andĀ four speakers.

We can see this iPad Air 3 is significantly narrower than the previous product, which also brought a higher proportion of the screen. It is worth mentioning that it is equipped with Smart Connector, which means you can connect a range of external accessories. Also in terms of color, it has a current popular rose gold color.

iPad Air 3 Concept Renders by Geert van Uffelen
iPad Air 3 Concept Renders by Geert van Uffelen

While this is only a concept model, it doesn’t seem too far from a tablet that Apple might release this or next year.

The next iPad better be something that convinces people to upgrade. We’ll see what the future has in store, eventually. Meanwhile, enjoy the rendered images and video below.

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