How to Take a Screenshot on LG G5

Get screenshots – one of the most requested features on all smartphones. With the release of the model G5, LG has made a small adjustment in the process of creating snapshots, so Applelives tells 2 easiest method to take screenshots on LG G5.

The first way you get a quick screenshot in the gallery, and the second way to have fun, read on and you’ll understand why!


The fastest and easiest way – the standard for the Android OS key combination the screen on and decrease the volume. As long as you did not try to make it say what the left hand is to make it easier to swing as the volume control has moved to the left end.

  • Open the screen that you want to “take over”;
  • Simultaneously press the Volume Down key and turn on the screen (if you hit one after the other, the method does not work);
  • You will hear the distinctive sound of creating screenshots, and it fits in the Screenshots folder;


The second method involves the use of corporate applications Capture + from LG. Most often, this is the first icon in a number of shortcuts that appear in your notification area.

  • Open the screen that you want to take pictures;
  • Slightly open the notifications panel and select the icon Capture +;
  • Now, you can write on top of the screen or use other adjustments, as in the familiar MS Paint;
  • Once finished editing, be sure to click the icon in the form of a check in the top left corner!

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