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Apple’s New Ad ‘Shot on iPhone’ for Mother’s Day

Today, Apple shared another video ad ‘Shot on iPhone’ to remind us that the Mother's Day is coming. This new ad without any background...

iPhone 6s New Video Ads ‘Fingerprint’ and ‘Onions’

Apple has recently developed a new round of promotional activities for the iPhone 6s, the company released two video ads for iPhone 6s, to...

Apple TV 4’s New Ad ‘Father Time’

On Sunday, Apple released a new ad for the fourth generation of AppleTV, and continued the previous ad "The Kiss", which released last month...

Apple Published Ad Specificatioins for iAd in News App

Today, Apple published its new iAd Specificatioins 2016 for News app, the document lists the iAd banner and video ad formats that run in News,...
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