Apple’s New Ad ‘Shot on iPhone’ for Mother’s Day

Today, Apple shared another video ad ‘Shot on iPhone’ to remind us that the Mother’s Day is coming. This new ad without any background description, just via some very heartwarming photos and a nice man with an inoffensive voice and an acoustic guitar to notice the Mother’s Day. We can see the photographer names all located under every photo and every short video, and they come from over the world. In the new ad, we did not see celebrities appeared, ordinary mother and child, seems enough tell us the topic.

This touching video follows two new iPhone 6s ads from last week, one that highlighted the device’s 4K camera and one that showed off Touch ID.

Apple began its “Shot on iPhone” campaign early in 2015, showcasing images collected from both professional and amateur photographers around the world. More recently, Apple’s iPhone campaign has focused on portraying the features of the device, like Touch ID and Siri.

In 2015, the most popular camera in the well-known photo-sharing platform Flickr are iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s, this illustrates the iPhone camera always influences the user’s daily life. How many photos you shoot every day using your iPhone?

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