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iPhone SE A1723, A1662, A1724 Model Numbers

If you are querying meaning of the relevant information of your iPhone SE, such as model number, serial number, EMC Number, and the iPhone8,4 Model Identifier. Then the below is one of the most comprehensive list about these.

iPhone SE Gold rose

March 31, 2016, iPhone SE will be available in over 100 countries, by then people around the world can directly buy the iPhone SE from their local Apple Store. To give you a better understanding of the device, the following knowledge maybe you want to know.

iPhone SE (Global/Sprint/A1723) 16, 64 GB

MLM32LL/A – The silver model with 16 GB of storage on Sprint.

MLMJ2LL/A – The Silver with 64 GB of storage on Sprint.

iPhone SE 16/64 GB Sold for Sprint Paid in Full or on a Two-year Contract:

MLM22LL/A & MLMH2LL/A – Space Gray

MLY92LL/A & MLYC2LL/A – Gold

MLYA2LL/A & MLYD2LL/A – Rose Gold

iPhone SE (United States/A1662) 16, 64 GB

Unlocked and SIM free

MLLX2LL/A & MLME2LL/A Silver model with 16 GB and 64 GB of storage

MLLW2LL/A & MLMD2LL/A – Space Gray

MLY12LL/A & MLY32LL/A – Gold

MLY22LL/A & MLY42LL/A – Rose gold

iPhone SE 16/64 GB Sold for AT&T, whether paid in full or on an “AT&T Next” monthly payment plan

MLLM2LL/A & MLM52LL/A in silver

MLLL2LL/A & MLM42LL/A in Space Gray

MLXH2LL/A & MLXK2LL/A in gold

MLXJ2LL/A & MLXL2LL/A in Rose gold

iPhone SE 16/64 GB Sold for T-Mobile, Paid in Full and Contract Free

MLLV2LL/A & MLMC2LL/A in silver

MLLU2LL/A & MLMA2LL/A in Space Gray

MLXW2LL/A & MLXY2LL/A in gold

MLXX2LL/A & MLY02LL/A in Rose gold

iPhone SE 16/64 GB Sold for Verizon, Whether Paid in Full or on a Two-year Contract

MLM02LL/A & MLMG2LL/A – silver

MLLY2LL/A & MLMF2LL/A – Space Gray

MLY52LL/A & MLY72LL/A – gold

MLY62LL/A & MLY82LL/A – Rose Gold

iPhone SE (China Mobile/A1724) 16, 64 GB

MLLP2CH/A & MLM72CH/A – Silver model with 16 GB and 64 GB of storage sold in mainland China.

MLLN2CH/A & MLM62CH/A – Space Gray


MLXN2CH/A & MLXQ2CH/A – Rose Gold.

International Model Numbers:


MLLP2VC/A & MLM72VC/A – Silver model with 16GB and 64GB of storage sold in Canada


MLLN2VC/A & MLM62VC/A – Space Gray

MLXN2VC/A & MLXQ2VC/A – Rose Gold