iphone 7 double camera

iPhone 7 Dual-camera Module Leaked With Different Size

Although there are six months away from iPhone 7 release, but recently the industry has a lot of rumors and leaked parts, wherein most of the rumors pointed out that iPhone 7 will be equipped with dual rear camera, and below we will see the leaked dual-camera components.

Below is a dual camera module leaked by China’s Weibo user @Kang ________, he said this component disassembled from the previous iPhone 7 prototype, we can see that the module composed of two horizontally arranged camera sensors with different size and resolution.

IPhone 7 Dual-camera
IPhone 7 Dual-camera Module

However, according to his description, iPhone7 dual camera system seems to been abandoned by Apple, while the “new device has been finalized,” and no further information about the new design. The previous rumors that dual-camera only used in the iPhone 7 Plus or a Pro model, generic version will still use the single camera.

Last month, Sony has publicly said that dual camera technology will be popular in high-end smart phones, Apple actually long ago acquired an Israeli company LinX which provides dual camera technology, so even iPhone 7 will most likely be with dual camera.

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