iPhone 7 Concept by Miroslav Majdak With Wireless Airpods

Although the upcoming iPhone SE has a 4-inch classic design, but presumably Apple is creating a better iPhone, new device will feature with more advanced elements, wireless charging, Bluetooth headset, flexible display and even liquid metal. Recently, the concept designer Miroslav Majdak brought a new design for iPhone 7.

We can see from the concept, both sides of the bottom on the iPhone 7 distributed densely packed speaker openings, the 3.5mm headphone jack also been canceled. But it is worth mentioning that, the camera still outstanding, the “ugly” antenna line also be moved to the top of the fuselage and the sides. Interesting that the volume keys be embedded into the body, and can work with 3D Touch.

Airpods are extremly power efficient by using Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology that also gives you a smooth and high quality performance with Apple Music or any audio sorce. Energy usage is up to 2 hours of listening with medium volue. The Airpods are perfect for using while you travel or doing some kid of activities like fitness. Thanks to the fast charging, your Airpods are always ready to use.

The body of the iPhone 7 is smaller but stonger at the same time thanks to new technologies like Apple SIM and capatitive buttons which make us possible to create unibody construction with less mechanical parts.

iPhone 7 Touch ID


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