How to Bypass Slide to Upgrade Screen When Updating iOS 9

Just three days, iOS 9 adoption has reached 20%, which is a very large number and recording in the smart phone area. The appealing new features and improvements forcing people scrambling to upgrade the new system, However, each generation of iOS upgrade is never so smooth for few people, because there always emerge this or that issues when they attempting to upgrade their device.

In addition to the “Software Update Failed” and “Update Requested” issues we mentioned few days ago, a new problem appears.

Some users have reported that they got stuck at the “Slide to Upgrade screen” while updating their iOS device to iOS 9. Apple Support Communities member madisonkandrotas was one of the first users to report the issue:

after update phone says “slide to upgrade” but won’t allow it

The good news is that Apple has acknowledged this bug and has provided a quick fix. So, when the Slide to Upgrade screen does not respond, here is what you should do:

How to Bypass  Slide to Upgrade Screen

  1. Disable “Find my iPhone” feature if it enabled
  2. Connect your iOS device to the PC that has previously been synced with iTunes
  3. Launch iTunes
  4. Select your device, which you can view by clicking on the device’s icon in the upper-left corner of iTunes windows. Note that the iOS device appears in different areas of iTunes depending on the iTunes version you are running
  5. If your device does not show up, just force restart it by pressing and holding the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons together for about 10 seconds until you see an Apple logo on the screen
  6. If you made an iTunes backup before updating to iOS 9, restore your device from the backup. If you have not done that, you need to create a backup via iTunes, then restore from that backup

That is, the fix should be worked if you follow the above tips, hopefully, resolve the problem and allow you to seamlessly perform an upgrade.

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