How to Fix ‘Software Update Failed’ Error When Installing iOS 9 Update

iOS 9.0 public now available for download and upgrade, many people choose to upgrade their device from OTA Update, but not everyone is so smooth, some of the users are getting error that “Software Update failed”. The error says:

Software Update Failed.

An error occurred downloading iOS 9.0.

Obviously, this error is not the first time we encountered, users were hit by this issue when Apple released iOS 8 as well. Course the reason of this error is very simple, because Apple’s server overload, too many people try to connect to the server to get updates, many other users are seeing the “Update Requested” message. Obviously the best way to fix this issue is to wait a smooth link and try again.

Moreover, even if you have begun to download the update, the download speed will be a lot slower.

So you best to avoid peak hours to download updates, such as at night or 2-3 days later.

Fix Update Requested

If the iOS 9 update is stuck at “Update Requested” for more than 10 minutes, then you could try restarting your device, and downloading the update again.

Fix Software Update failed

If you are getting this error, and can not escape it after several attempts, then you can try to update your device using iTunes, since that seems to be working for many folks out there. Just download the iOS 9.0 ipsw file using the direct links we posted a little while ago, then install it using iTunes.

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