FlashRing Tweak Lets You Toggle Flashlight Using the iPhone’s Mute Switch

In our daily lives, the Phone’s LED flash is usually used be flashlight in most cases for illuminating the dark. However, every time we had to unlock the iPhone screen to enable the flashlight from the Control Center. You will find this step very tedious if you use it regularly.

So whether there is a way allows us to quickly toggle the flashlight without lighting the iPhone screen. The answer is yes, if your device has been jailbroken. You simply install a new cydia tweak called “FlashRing” on your iPhone. The tweak lets you easily toggle the iPhone’s LED flash using a physical toggle ‘Mute Switch’, very convenient.


FlashRing tweak is now available at the BigBoss repo for free download. Once you install FlashRing, it begins working immediately. But at present the Flashing does not provide any setting options, perhaps the future developer will consider adding an enable switch. Course choose to use the FlashRing means you have to sacrifice the mute button, the iPhone installed FlashRing will automatically muted.

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