How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone Using iFile

Just as we know the iCloud Activation Lock is a very favorable safety measure to find the lost iOS device, and prevent thieves restore it. However, in some cases, even you own are likely to forget your iCloud password, the worse result is that you the iPhone be locked after you accidentally upgrade a new firmware.

iCloud Activation Lock

Course you can find your iCloud password through security question, but if not, you have to find other ways. The below is a viable way for those users who try to bypass or remove the iCloud activation lock, but only applied to jailbroken devices.

How to Remove iCloud Activation Lock on iOS Devices Using iFile

Step#1 Jailbreak your device running on iOS 9.0 – 9.1 using Pangu.

Step#2 Once your device jailbroken, install these jailbreak tweak in Cydia Store: iFile, iCleaner and iFirewall.

Step#3 Launch iFile, navigate to var/keychains/ and delete the database keychain-2.db.

Step#4 Reboot your device

Step#5 Launch iFirewall tweak, navigate to Settings and add a new rule by choosing ‘Deny All Connections’ from the menu that appears. Another rule for the website domain ‘’ needs to be added to block all incoming and outgoing connections to and from the iPhone you are doing these tweaks on.

Step#6 Launch iCleaner, go to the first page of the app and disable iCloud Daemon.

Step#7 Reboot your device again

Step#8 Go to Settings and navigate to ‘Find my iPhone’ inside iCloud. The settings there should now be turned off, you can now fully remove the account that was associated with the iPhone you are using.

Step#9 Re-enable iCloud Daemon using iCleaner and uninstall iFirewall from Cydia Store. Then Re-install it on your iPhone again.

Step#10 Sign in your new iCloud account from Settings app. Since we removed the previous iCloud accounts using an unofficial methods, so an error may appear that saying ‘Server can’t establish connection’. Keep trying until it works. It usually does after few tryouts.

Step#11 Once done, you should activate Find my iPhone on your iPhone with this new account.

Step#12 Not yet finished, you need Sign into using your computer and localize your new device. Check if a new connection has been formed by trying to play a sound on your iPhone from the iCloud page. If it does, click on Erase iPhone from iCloud.

Step#13 The erasing process might get stuck, thus once it gets stuck when the erasing bar is almost towards the end; put the iPhone into DFU mode and restore using iTunes. Once the iPhone starts again, sign in with the Apple ID the iPhone had been erased with.

Done, the iCloud activation lock should be removed from your iPhone or iPad. Now you can add new iCloud account on the device.

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