A Very Ordinary iPhone 7 Concept With Few Practical Designs

Past we have seen a lot of iPhone 7 concepts, most authors designed the concept with a bold vision and exaggerated design, and recently an ordinary iPhone 7 Concept from Arthur Reis is closer practical, but this may well be the iPhone 7, many people are looking for.

The iPhone 7 in this concept video combined with some of the latest rumors and Apple’s patents recently leaked, angular of the body becomes more distinct and slim, screen proportion is satisfactory; headphone jack at the bottom disappeared, replaced by dual speakers, volume keys become two round buttons and the rear camera is no longer “bulge”, while the white antenna band also thinning.

Specs, Arthur Reis think iPhone 7 should support waterproof and wireless charging, the display replaced AMOLED screen with more dazzling, while the Home button further integrates Force Touch resistive technology and provide vibration feedback Taptic Engine.

The iPhone 7 canceled the traditional headphone jack, so the author brings a pair of the Beats, a small and wireless AirPods headset, which can be adsorbed together for easy storage, but also seems to support wireless charge.

According to Apple’s pace, iPhone 7 will debut at least until September this year , when Apple will come up with a what’s kind of product to stunning world, stay turned.

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