How to Play A Tiny Arkanoid Game on Apple Watch

Want to play an exquisite casual game on your Apple Watch in leisure time? and want to play a classic arkanoid game on Apple Watch? A new game ‘A Tiny Game of Pong’ for Apple Watch now available at App Store to meet your desire. It’s as pared-down and featureless as (some of) you remember, except this time the paddle is controlled using the Apple Watch’s digital crown.

This Arkanoid game designed specifically for the Apple Watch with retro style interface, players need to operate the baffles using Digital Crown crown to prevent the ball fall, the watch will provide vibration feedback once the ball hits the paddle every time.
A Tiny Game of Pong game has two modes, Classic Battle Mode and Endless Mode, the former need to spend $0.99 to unlock. At the same time the game also connected to GameCenter, to compete with global players.

It is understood that after installing the game playing without having to pair with iPhone, but such as unlocked mode or purchase additional interface will operate through the iPhone to achieve. A Tiny Game of Pong now available for download for free, Apple Watch users who interested this game can go to iTunes or the App Store for Search.

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