A New iPhone 5se Concept Based on the Rumors So Far

So far we have seen various rumors and concepts about the iPhone 5se, which is said to be a successor to the iPhone 5c. The device is considered to be with the smaller 4-inch screen, and have a design that will look like a hybrid of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s. This means it will have a chamfered design and but will maintain iPhone 5s’ straight edges.

The below is a new iPhone 5se concept by Arther Reis just based on the above rumors, with a more rounded edge design.

In addition to that it will bring some notable upgrades and features including the A9 chip found on the iPhone 6s, Live Photos feature, faster Touch ID sensor, an updated iSight camera and more.

iPhone 5se: Specifications


  • Display: We see it measuring the same size as the iPhone 5s, which will mean a 4in phone. We don’t see the phone coming out with 3D Touch, a feature found in the lastest iPhones.
  • Processor: Latest sources have confirmed that the iPhone 5se will house the A9 chip found in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus.
  • RAM: We predict the phone will come with 1GB of RAM DDR3, identical to the iPhone 6’s specifications.
  • Storage: It’s safe to assume the phone will come with a minimum of 16GB. However little is known about its maximum capacity. We don’t feel a 128GB variant will be released, but we could potentially see a 64GB version of the phone. We feel Apple will have a 16GB and 64GB model only, similar to what is currently offered with the iPhone 6.
  • Camera: We expect to see the 8Mp rear-facing and 1.2Mp front facing cameras found in the iPhone 6 to be ported over to the iPhone 5se.
  • Battery size: Batteries are always a talking point, and with the iPhone 5se rumours, there are also speculations about its battery size, where some Chinese manufacturers are reporting a 1642mAh battery, which would make it a smaller battery over the iPhone 6 (1810mAh) and iPhone 6s (1715mAh), but larger than its predecessor the iPhone 5c (1510mAh).
  • Connectivity: We expect the phone to come with an NFC chip, Bluetooth 4.2 and hopefully the enhanced 802.11ac WiFi chip found within the iPhone 6s. These hardware components are expected to be found inside the iPhone 5se, purely based on the demand from consumers and constantly evolving technology.
  • Design: It is safe to assume that the iPhone 5se will include a 3.5mm headphone jack, as its design is predicted to be identical to the iPhone 6.
  • Available Colours: The iPhone 5se is expected to be released in the same colours that were found with the iPhone 6s: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, and Space Gray. Recently, reports have also suggested that there will be a ‘Hot Pink’ or ‘Bright Pink’ version available of the iPhone 5se.
  • Other features: It’s unclear if we will see it come with Touch ID, but it seems now likely for it to be included.
  • Price: As for its price, the forthcoming 4-in iPhone is said to cost $450 for a 16 GB model.  However, Apple has not released an official word regarding these reports yet.

iPhone 5se Release Date

Apple’s iPhone 5se and iPad Air 3 will get a release date very soon after the company’s March 18 event.


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