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Touch ID Can be Hacked Using Play-Doh

In the traditional impression, Apple’s Touch ID with a very high level of security, but now it been easily hacked with a children’s Play-Doh. At Mobile World Congress last week, a Chinese startup showed it’s possible to unlock an iPhone using children’s Play-Doh.

Tech reporter Arjun Kharpal, Jason Chaikin, president of mobile security firm Vkansee embedded a demo video in the tweet, shows the iPhone can be easily hacked using a blob of Play-Doh, without any high technology.

Clearly this shows that Apple’s Touch ID is not so safe as they described, perhaps the original character password more secure.

But don’t be too concerned just yet, because it’s nowhere near as worrying as it looks. What this video doesn’t show is that Vkansee made that Play-Doh fingertip from a cast of a finger made in dental paste. Without that, the hack doesn’t work.

So, in order to gain entry to your iPhone using this method, a hacker would first need to create their own dental paste cast of your fingerprint, which would obviously be incredibly difficult without your knowledge.

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