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How to Make Windows 95 Running on the Apple Watch

We have seen a series of features on the Apple Watch, but for hackers or tech geeks, they are more willing to "toss" and...

How to Hack Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

Nowadays, Wi-Fi network has become the most popular way to access the Internet, almost everyone will connect their iPhone to the Wi-Fi network, whether...
touch id

Touch ID Can be Hacked Using Play-Doh

In the traditional impression, Apple's Touch ID with a very high level of security, but now it been easily hacked with a children's Play-Doh....
jailbreak reward

Zerodium Offering $1 Million Reward to Find iOS 9 Vulnerabilities

When hundreds millions of iOS users are busy upgrading their device to the new system, some security agencies began a new round of competition:...

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