How to Get Picture in Picture Mode on iPhone Using Pegasus Tweak

As we all know, iOS 9 only allows the user to enable Picture in Picture Mode on iPad for video multitasking. The feature lets you watch videos or conduct FaceTime calls in a smaller window while using other apps at the same time. However, such useful feature only works on iPad, the iPhone users should install a special jailbreak tweak to achieve the same effect.

Pegasus is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS 9, which has the ability that lets you enable Picture in Picture mode on some unsupported devices, such as iPhone and iPod touch. Pegasus tweak runs any video in a draggable window that has on-screen fullscreen, play/pause and close buttons. Pegasus supports stock as well as third-party apps that run web videos.

Pegasus tweak is now available at Cydia BigBoss Repo for $2.99 and works with all iOS devices running iOS 9. No options or settings to configure after you installed the tweak on your device.

How to Use / Enable Picture in Picture Mode on iPhone

Performing a double tap with two fingers or pressing the Home button while in full screen mode will automatically detach the video. Double tapping a detached video with two fingers will re-dock the video.