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OS X and iOS Actually Topped the Vulnerability Rank in 2015

For Apple’s software services, the 2015 is a very tough year, because OS X and iOS not praised by most users. In fact, OS X and iOS have been reported exist too many loopholes, and they are actually the most. According to a list released by the statistical agency CVE Details, OS X disclosed vulnerabilities (known vulnerabilities) reached 384 in 2015, ranking first in the software products.

iOS vulnerabilities disclosed last year reached 375, ranking second after OS X. Apple has always been known for safety, the results surprised a lot of people. It should be noted here OS X and iOS is relate to a comprehensive system, not just referring to OS X 10.11 or iOS 9. We can see more details from the list released by CVE Details:

vulnerabilities list

In addition to OS X and iOS, the top five software also includes Flash Player, Air Sdk and AIR, these three products from Adobe, its known vulnerabilities reached 314, 246 and 246, Adobe and Apple can be described as a loser. Known vulnerabilities in Windows Server 2012 is 155.

vulnerabilities list2

If we count all disclosed vulnerabilities of the Windows system in 2015, it is 1160, the OS X tripled. I do not know why CVE Details merged the vulnerability of OS X and iOS, but a separate calculation for Windows. And on mobile platform, most people think Android is the most insecure, the known vulnerabilities of which in 2015 actually only 130, iOS is almost its tripled.