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OftenType Keyboard 1.3 for iPhone Now Free in Limited Time

“OftenType” is a third-party keyboard for iOS, but its main feature is not typing words, but quickly enter some common phrases we usually used, you can also tpye a custom phrase quickly by one tap. Such as you can one tap to type email, surname, address and other thing you have to type over and over again.

OftenType is a custom keyboard app which expands iPhone keyboard with additional quick keys keypad. You need to manually add a shortcut phrase in the settings, such as email, contacts, phone numbers, reply phrases, links, address, account number, card number, etc., when in use, just switch the iOS keyboard to OftenType, then press and hold the corresponding classification, slide up and down to select, the efficiency is very high, while the keyboard also provides some of the most common punctuation marks for you. If you often need to enter some duplicate information, then OftenType is a good assistant.


– unlimited keys quantity
– easy to set up and use
– secure information storage
– icons set for all your needs
– extensions to store up to 4 snippets in one key
– multiple lines of text in one key
– clear iOS style interface


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