New Apple TV Ad Still Focus on Apps

Last night Apple released a new ad for the fourth generation of Apple TV, the focus of this ad is still placed on the App Store of tvOS, shows a recent series of popular Apple TV apps. Advertising named “Apple TV-The Future of TV is Apps”, which also follows the slogan when Apple TV 4 release.

You can see in the ad, Apple shows a series of different applications, such as Netflix, ESPN, Asphalt 8, Disney Infinity, GrubHub, Showtime, Crossy Road, HBO Now and Fox Now. These applications covering multiple application categories, including entertainment, food and games.

Since the fourth generation of Apple TV launched in October last year, Apple has repeatedly publicity for this device. In addition to publishing a number of commercial video, Apple also created a lot of billboards across the United States to promote this device. In addition, Apple released several short video in November last yea, to separate presentation several popular apps in the tvOS App Store.

This ad is keeping Apple’s consistent creativity and vigor, and interested friends may wish to fully appreciate this beautiful but unconventional advertising.

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