iOS 9.1 cydia tweak list

Which Jailbreak Tweaks Already Compatible With iOS 9.1

Few days ago, the well-known jailbreak team Pangu suddenly released an untethered jailbreak for iOS 9.1 running on 64-bit iPhone and iPad, that is really beyond everyone’s expectations, because in the past hackers tend to release a jailbreak for the latest iOS, but now Apple had stopped signing iOS 9.1, and the latest firmware has been upgraded to iOS 9.2.1, so many people will miss this jailbreak because they have been unable to restore or downgrade the firmware to 9.1.

But no matter what, still some people are lucky, their deivce is still running on iOS 9.1, which can enjoy this new jailbreak immediately, unless the upcoming iOS 9.3 has a sufficiently attractive prompted them to upgrade.

Well, no nonsense, if you already jailbroken your device on iOS 9.1, then one thing you will do is install cydia tweaks, but not all tweaks have received upgrades to compatible with iOS 9.1, in addition to the following:

iOS 9.1 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks List

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