iPhone SE rendering by Martin Hajek

iPhone SE, iPhone Pro Ultra-realistic Renderings

Next week Apple’s new products will be unveiled at the spring event, not surprisingly the long-rumored new 4-inch iPhone SE will be launched. While in autumn event in September, Apple may bring iPhone 7 and iPhone Pro.

However, before Apple officially released these designers has not stopped the imagination and creativity to create a variety of surprising concepts and renderings. Recent well-known concept designer Martin Hajek created a group of HD, ultra-realistic renderings for the future iPhones.

The author create these renderings based on the latest rumours

We can see iPhone SÈ looks like a combination of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6, iPhone 5s keys, iPhone 6 / 6s circular boundary and three-stage antenna design, course also feature with 4-inch display.

iPhone 7 and iPhone Pro feature with rear dual-camera, but still outstanding. Additionally there are three metal contacts in iPhone 7 back case, similar to the iPad Pro’s Smart Connector, bu unclear whether it is used for charging or external accessories.

Another change is the iPhone 7 / Pro cancelled 3.5mm headphone jack, the bottom only has Lightning connector and speaker openings, and the future headset of the iPhone may use Lightning port, or a wireless connection.

Worthy of our attention is the antenna layout has changed in the iPhone 7 and Pro, the antenna across the back turned a corner, be moved up and down, this layout will undoubtedly make the overall look more compact, and this approach is also possible that in order to avoid the bigger rear camera, as well as the metal contacts (iPhone Pro).

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