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iPhone SE Bluetooth Poor Audio Quality Issues

New product always exists variety of small flaws, especially in the first batch, recently some users reported their new purchased iPhone SE trouble with the audio quality issues when they calling via Bluetooth headsets and ear pieces.

They feedback to Apple support forums, they will erratically encounter the poor audio quality issue when using automobile speakers via Bluetooth, basically that this is due to the Bluetooth signal is too weak.

It is learned that no matter what kind of Bluetooth headsets, automotive systems and other Bluetooth device, there will always be a call noise, distortion and interruption, and this problem is only occurs on the iPhone SE, while users do not encounter Poor Audio Quality Issues when using the same Bluetooth device paired with other iPhone models. In addition the issue also occurs in FaceTime audio call.

In response, Apple technical staff think this is probably because the iPhone SE hardware flaws, but they can not draw a conclusion before the end of the investigation.

One user on Apple’s support forums that Apple engineering team, “senior technical staff,” and he has made contact, he said Apple internal attaches great importance to the Bluetooth issue of the iPhone SE. Meanwhile, Apple engineering team also hope that the user can provide more samples of different environments for testing, so that they can better solve the problem. So far, only a small percentage of users affected by the Poor Bluetooth Audio Quality Issues

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