iPhone 7 to Feature Ultra-long Range Wireless Charging Technology

According to a recent report shows that a small start-up company called Energous will cooperate with Apple, which will bring a new technology called WattUp for iPhone in the future, can achieve wireless charging on electronic devices within 15 feet (about 4.57 meters) distance.

It is reported that this technology has been for Apple’s proprietary, Energous company only need to install a small chip inside the device to achieve, and will not affect the size of the phone. While this chip can work together with transmitter placed in the room, simply put, if WattUp place this technology into the next generation iPhone 7, you can wirelessly charge the device at any corner of the office, and always keep the charging state.

Energous company said it will commercialize the technology in 2016 or 2017, so it may appear on the iPhone 7. Currently, Apple and the company were not disclosed the partnership between them, but there are sources said, last year, Apple has been involved in the company’s R & D activities.

Future, this technology is likely to play a positive role in promoting the global smartphone wireless charging technology, and represents the future development direction of smart phones charging technology.

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