iPhone 7 Edge Concept: Curved Display Will be the Trend?

Since the Galaxy S6 edge, its exquisite curved display favored by many consumers, this trend is also has been extended on S7 edge, curved display has gradually become a standard for flagship mobile phone, so whether the next iPhone also follow the trend, feature a curved display?

We do not know when Apple’s to use curved display, but there are many concept design has been given us a first impression. Recently, designer Hasan Kaymak brought a new iPhone 7 concept with curved display.

The designer said this new designed phone as iPhone 7 Edge,which feature with 5.2-inch Quad HD display and uses a curved surface. From the picture you can “feel”, the glass block is the curved arc, which makes the look very sleek and almost no border.

The iPhone also feature with the rumored dual camera, dual cameras placed side by side, which may be the dual-camera program iPhone 7 finally adopted. In addition, we could not find a 3.5mm headphone jack at the concept design.

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