Callisto Tweak Lets You Lock iPhone Using the Current Time

Callisto Tweak is a new jailbreak tweak for iOS 9 that allows you to lock the iPhone using the current time, the feature much likes the previous “TimePasscode” tweak, it also lets user use the current time as a passcode on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The difference is that Callisto supports up to six-digit password, and more features.

Since Callisto supports iOS 9, so it naturally supports 6-digit Passcode, after installing the tweak it will automatically identify the password user first entered, then try to unlock you will find the password has been changed with synced time numbers.

For example, 23:15, if you choose a traditional 4-digit password, the password is “2315.” You can set an additional value, to prevent the whole point of the password is too simple, such as when setting time offset as “5”, 23:15 password will be increased from “2315” to “2320.” If “Positive Time Offset” is disable, your passcode will be 23:10.

6-digit password set also supports value-added features, but since it is a 6-digit password in the last two digits will naturally vary. Callisto provides three options, one is permanently set to “00”, the second is set to the specified two numbers, and the third will calculate the current time (hour + minute). so if the time is 09:41, your passcode will be 0941+ (09+41=50), which results 094150.


Callisto tweak is now available at Cydia’s BigBoss repository for just $1.49, which gives you a distinctive solution to have a revolving passcode. What are your thoughts on Callisto? Share in the comments below!

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