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How to Remove or Uninstall the Stock Apps in iOS 9.3

We all know that Apple built a number of pre-installed applications in iOS, but the user never to use some of them, especially on the iPhone only with 16GB of storage space, compress a little space to install something useful is extremely difficult, so many people called on Apple to allow them to uninstall the pre-installed applications in iOS, for this, Cook had also said it would provide this functionality. Now, media 9to5mac found, iOS 9.3 already allows users to delete preinstalled apps, but just a little tortuous process.

The process is such that Apple’s developers can help uninstall the stock apps, but user had to pay £79. Although this approach to remove the pre-installed apps is more complicated, but it indicates that Apple may eventually authorize users delete their unwanted stock apps in iOS.

We have introduced a way to allow users to hide / remove the stock apps temporarily, without downloading any special software, although the apps return when the phone is turned off and on again.

Reddit user bfodder revealed how iPhone users who have downloaded the beta version of the new iOS 9.3 software, using a beta version of Apple’s Configurator program that lets businesses and schools manage the devices, can get rid of stock apps.

How to remove the stock apps in iOS 9.3

  1. Sign up for the iOS beta programme so that you can download the iOS 9.3 public beta – the full release is not out yet. There’s a full guide on signing up for the beta programme here, including backing up your device.
  2. Once you’ve done that, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update to download the iOS 9.3 beta.
  3. Download Apple Configurator 2.2 beta. This requires an Apple developer membership, which costs £79.
  4. Users can then set up a configuration, selecting an option that says “Do not allow some apps”. By entering commands for these apps, like “com.apple.stocks” for Stocks, they can be removed from the iPhone. A full list of the commands posted below.

com.apple.stocks – Stocks
com.apple.tips – Tips
com.apple.videos – Videos
com.apple.mobilemail – Native Email Client
com.apple.mobilenotes – Notes
com.apple.reminders – Reminders
com.apple.calculator – Calculator
com.apple.Maps – Maps
com.apple.Music – Music
com.apple.Passbook – Wallet
com.apple.Health – Health
com.apple.mobilephone – Phone
com.apple.MobileStore – iTunes Store
com.apple.MobileSMS – Messages
com.apple.VoiceMemos – Voice Memos
com.apple.weather – Weather
com.apple.podcasts – Podcasts
com.apple.gamecenter – Game Center
com.apple.Bridge – Watch
com.apple.mobileme.fmf1 – Find Friends
com.apple.iBooks – iBooks
com.apple.mobileme.fmip1 – Find iPhone
com.apple.mobiletimer – Clock
com.apple.mobileslideshow – Photos
com.apple.Preferences – Settings
com.apple.Camera – Camera
com.apple.facetime – FaceTime
com.apple.MobileAddressBook – Contacts
com.apple.news – News