How to Get 3D Touch Peek And Pop Feature on Non-iPhone 6s Devices

We have introduced RevealMent and Force cydia tweak, them both can bring 3D Touch feature on non-iPhone 6s devices, but more than that, another jailbreak tweak called “UniversalForce” released in Cydia Store, which further improves the 3D Touch feature on older device. The tweak brings Peek, Pop, and 3D Touch homescreen menus to non-iPhone 6s devices.

UniversalForce claims to activate all features of 3D Touch on older devices, which includes ability to preview photos and web links in apps like Safari and iMessage. You can even view previews in apps like Mail. UniversalForce tweak enables homescreen menus, which you can also activate using the Forcy tweak. For now the homescreen menus are not working for many users, however since the tweak is still in beta we hope that will get fixed soon.

UniversalForce tweak now available at Cydia Stoe for free. It is available in “” repository and is still in beta.

Once you installed it, you can get a ‘peek’ of anything by tap on it and then swipe up instantly. If you decide to ‘pop’ into the content you are previewing, then you can do so by moving your finger further. Sometimes it seems like the tweak is too responsive to movements and pops even when the user didn’t intended to. Developer can fix this by adding a sensitivity setting.


  • Please download the latest version and let us know if the popping problem is fixed 🙂
  • Thoughts on current sensitivity would be appreciated.
  • So now force touch can be used to view Live Photos in the photos app and view them on the lockscreen
  • After further investigation it has been determined this will not work on 32 bit devices.
  • You can now set the sensitivity of the actions by going into the settings section.

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