How to Fix iPhone and iPad Bricked by the ‘1 January, 1970’ Date Bug

If you iPhone, iPad or iPod touch been bricked by the date bug ‘1 January 1970’ that we have been talking about in the recent, then you certainly are looking for a fix for the device. At first we recommend you take the device to an Apple store or authorized service provider for fix, but if you find it troublesome or do not care about your warranty, then you can personally get just by a few simple steps,

The only thing you need to do is detach the Battery of the affected device, it means taking your device apart, so it’s not without risk and not for those who value their warranty or aren’t confident spinning a screwdriver.


Alternatively, you can wait until the battery goes flat, which should accomplish the same as removing the battery, although it will take a long time since the device isn’t being worked hard on the bootup screen.

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