How Much RAM Does the iPhone 6s and iPad Pro Have

Typically, iOS running does not require much RAM occupy because of its unique resource recovery mechanism, so that several generations of Apple products have been running 1GB RAM, but this situation finally been broken until Apple relased their new products in the “Hey Siri” media event earlier this month.

New products include iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPad Pro. Although the company did not introduce detailed hardware parameters in the event, but smart developers have confirmed more specs via the iOS development tool Xcode that the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus has 2GB RAM, iPad Pro has 4GB RAM.


Having more RAM on the iPhones and iPad will not only improve the speed of the device, but it will also improve the user experience. iPhone 6s and iPad Pro will be able to keep more apps running in the background, Safari will be able to have more tabs loaded, performance within graphic intensive games will be improved and more. The changes will appear system-wide and will be noticeable.

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