Grams Tweak Lets You Measure an Object’s Weight Using iPhone

We know that, in accordance with the requirements of the Developer Agreement Apple rejected all apps using 3D Touch to measure object’s weight. But Apple can not prevent a jailbreak tweak to achieve it.

Grams is a new jailbreak has the ability to measure the weight of an object using 3D Touch. It is now available in Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $0.99. If you are interested in this gadget, just search and install Grams on your jailbroken devcie. After installation, the tweak will add a weighing area in the Control Center, this means you can now measure the weight of light objects by using the 3D Touch display right from Control Center on your iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus.

grams tweak

How to Measure an Object’s Weight Using Grams

Grams adds a new section to Control Center, and weight is reported in this section when you’re using your 3D Touch display to measure weight, so Control Center must be open when you’re using Grams.

Simply place the spoon, or another capacitative object on the 3D touch display fully and take note of the weight of the spoon itself. Then, put something you want to know the weight of inside of the spoon and take note of the weight change.

For example, if the spoon weighed 42.56 grams, and after adding the packet of sugar Grams said the weight is now 47.56 grams, you can use simple subtraction to find out the weight of the packet of sugar:

47.56 grams – 42.56 grams = 5.00 grams

Since the difference of the two weights is 5.00 grams, that means the weight of the packet of sugar is 5 grams.

As noted by Phillip Tennen, one of the lead developers behind Grams, the 3D Touch display is capable of registering weights of up to 385 grams, which is about the weight of 385 plain steel paperclips. That’s just under 0.85 pounds, so it’s not really heavy enough that it would cause damage to your display either.

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