How to Disable the Rootless Feature in OS X El Capitan

“Rootless” feature is actually a default security protection mechanism in El Capitan, its official name “System Integrity Protection”, which is an overall security policy with the goal of preventing system files and processes from being modified by third parties.

While the System Integrity Protection security feature is effective and the vast majority of Mac users should leave rootless enabled, some advanced Mac users may find rootless to be overly protective. Thus, if you’re in the group of advanced Mac users who do not want SIP rootless enabled on their OS X installation, we’ll show you how to turn this security feature off.

To turn off the rootless feature in OS X El Capitan, you should frist reboot the Mac OS into Recovery Mode, to do this:
Restart your Mac, and as soon as the screen turns black hold down ⌘R until the Apple logo appears on your screen.

restart mac

You will see this screen once your Mac successfully entered Recovery Mode

osx utilities

Click on the “Utilities” menu, and then “Terminal”.


Type the following commend in the Terminal Window type:

csrutil disable

Press return, you should then see the following message

csrutil disable

Restart OS X, your Mac should then restart as normal with SIP disabled,

To re-enable System Integrity Protection, do this:

  • Restart OS X again and hold down ⌘R as earlier, until you see the Apple Logo
  • Now click on Utilities”, then “Terminal”.
  • In the Terminal Window type:csrutil enable Then press the return key, you should then see the following message

crsutil enable

  • Restart OS X, Your Mac should then restart as normal.
  • Done!

Note: Apple have made the steps to temporarily disable the new security feature SIP (System integrity Protection) in El Capitan quite difficult. It is recommend to only perform these steps if you really must.

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