How to Change Font Size in iOS Folder With TitleFolderSize Tweak

TitleFolderSize is a new jailbreak tweak allows you to significantly increase or decrease the size of the folder title font on your iPhone and iPod touch.

In addition, the tweak also allows you to change the font color to black, that gives the folder a different look. You also get the option to hide the folder title, which gives a minimalistic look and feel, which could look very good depending on the Winterboard theme and background you are using on the device. Remember to respring your iPhone after installing the tweak or making any changes for them to take affect.

The tweak is in fact born with three Extras to apply for managing other Options about the Titles of the Folders:

  • Black Title Folder: it makes Black the Title of the Folder.
  • Hide Title Folder: it hides the Title of the Folder.
  • Hide Title Folder Edit BG: it hides the Background of the Title of the Folder in its editing Mode.

titlefoldersize cydia tweak

TitleFolderSize tweak is now available for free in Cydia. It is compatible with iOS 9 and works perfectly on iPhone and iPod. After installation, you can Disable/Enable and respring in Settings app to take effect (a confirmation button will appear to respring the Device!

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