Apple Updates the ‘Think Different’ Trademark to Renew Classic

Apple’s 1997 ‘Think Different’ advertising can be said a classic successful case in the history of advertising, and even called an important turning point of Apple. While at that time it also conveys a message to the world: Steve Jobs and his innovative imagination will back to Apple.

The date Apple last revised ‘Think Different’ trademark should back to 2009, recently according to a trademark application for the European Patent and Trademark Office show that Apple has updated their ‘Think Different’ trademark in shortly.

think different Trademark

After updating the trademark, the international rating of ‘Think Different’ will be expanded from one to eight, covering the Apple Watch, Apple Pay, Apple Pencil, iPad and other major products.

Maybe many people know that Apple’s current market value is very high, but not everyone knows that the ‘Think Different’ ad saved Apple when the company on the verge of bankruptcy, at that time Steve Jobs even personally read a narration for the ad, and this version was able to public after the death of Steve Jobs.

In short the ‘Think Different’ is an important turning point for Apple.

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