An Insane iPhone 7 Concept With a Super-wide Screen

We tend to see a lot of iPhone Concepts until a real product debut, designers are playing an unrestrained imagination, to construct iPhone 7 based on various rumors, but many of them are far-fetched, can not be actually produced by existing technology.

While people are expecting Apple to launch iPhone5s at the next month event, a new insane iPhone 7 concept appeared with extra-wide screen screen design you never seen before.

This concept designed by Sonitdac, its appearance looks like integrated by iPhone 6s and a Galaxy S7. A sleek metal body with a curved glass display that wraps around both sides. The overall look very beautiful. However, surprising is that its screen can actually be expanded by a compact design.

User just need to hit the ‘widescreen’ button located on the top edge of the device, to expand the curved glass display. The edges of the iPhone extend out of the shell, allowing the flexible display that’s wrapped around them to appear, turning the iPhone into a mini iPad.

This is indeed a very stunning design in numerous concept designs, the author not only show a beautiful appearance, but also detailed dismantling the internal structure and principles of the wide screen, really amazing, really hope it could be used for reference Apple.

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