WeatherBoard 2 for iOS 9 Updated With 80 Animated Weather Wallpapers

WeatherBoard is a great cydia tweak for iOS, which allows users to check the real-time weather conditions quickly on the iPhone’s Lock Screen, without unlock the screen to open the Weather app. With this tweak, the weather forecast or report will vividly displayed on the lockscreen.

WeatherBoard 2 is a more powerful version, its creater Allan Kerr recently brought a major update with iOS 9 support, over 80 new animated weather wallpapers and many new features.


WeatherBoard 2 for iOS 9 comes with some additional features that will attract new users. For one, the tweak now supports Forecast-like weather information on the Lock Screen, which will appeal to everybody that has been waiting for Forecast to gain iOS 9 support since the jailbreak was first released for iOS 9, as shown below.

In addition to setting tweak’s animated wallpapers you also get the ability to overlay weather animations on top of your normal wallpapers, creating a dramatic effect. The tweak can also automatically apply the animation based on your current weather conditions. So for example, if it is raining outside you will see a raining effect.

WeatherBoard 2 tweak for iOS 9 now available at the Cydia BigBoss Repo for for $2.49. If you purchased the original WeatherBoard from Cydia within the last 9 months, you can download WeatherBoard 2 for free.

After you installed the tweak on your jailbroken device, a preferences pane will be added to the Settings application where you can configure the various options to your liking:

These options include:

  • Choosing a wallpaper type for day and night
  • Selecting a location (automatically or manually) that you want to have animated wallpapers reflect
  • Enabling or disabling the Lock Screen forecast feature
  • Selecting a location (automatically or manually) that you want to see weather information for
  • Choosing how that information will be displayed on the Lock Screen

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