Near Lock 3.2 for iPhone Now Free in Limited Time

If you really pay attention to personal privacy, especially your computer, then you must have a good habit that locking the computer whenever you temporary leave, but occasionally you will forget to lock the screen, which is very dangerous, because anyone can see you privacy before the computer screen automatically locked. So how to better protect your privacy?

A well-known app ‘Near Lock’ just able to help you solve this problem. Its features similar to Knock, it will automatically lock Mac when you walk away from it, course it will also unlock Mac automatically once you approach the workplace. All you have to do is set the distance on which your Mac should automatically be locked or unlocked.
Principle is very simple, Near Lock will automatically determine the position via Bluetooth, you can set to automatically lock and unlock within 1-6 meters. Free experience can only lock automatically, you need to unlock the Mac manually.

Near Lock supports security use your fingerprint (Touch ID) or Apple Watch to authorize each Mac login.


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near lock

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