How to Display Synced Lyrics for Apple Music in Notification Center

Musixmatch Lyrics Finder is a “one size fits all” type of music player, available on the App Store as early as three years ago, which has been repeatedly recommended in many countries App Store.

‘MusiXmatch’ has a very rich set of features, music player (network / local), Music search and Synced lyrics display. Music playback is a basic feature, we do not need to go into details, it is important that it can be directly associated with Apple Music, then automatically loads the user’s music, and automatically scans the user’s local iTunes music library.

Apple Music currently has a flaw that does not display synced lyrics, and MusiXmatch’s powerful search ability can very quickly match the appropriate lyrics for you. Double-click the screen to display more lyrics.

The app also supports display lyrics in iOS Notification Center, once you installed the MusiXmatch, the synced lyrics will always be displayed in a widget that located in Notification Center, even if you listen to music without MusiXmatch launching, you can still use the native music player or other third- party players. the app also supports for viewing, listening to music, display and identify lyrics on Apple Watch.


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Musixmatch Lyrics Finder

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