Links Cannot be Clicked in Safari, Messages and Mail apps After installing iOS 9.3

Apple’s latest iOS 9.3 seems to exist a variety of small issues, although it has gone through seven beta versions. Recently, user feedback, the new system will lead to links failure within several stock apps, such as Google search results in Safari, Messages and Mall app, the links are not responding when user click them.

User Agathorn described his experience on the Apple support forum:

After update to iOS 9.3 on my iPhone 6 Plus I can no longer click on search links from Google anymore. Tried both in Safari and Chrome. Works well with

If I hold down on the link and choose to open in new tab it works.

restarted apps -> same result
Rebooted iPhone twice -> same result.

It is understood that there are few user stated the similar issues already existed early in the iOS 9.2.1, which apparently did not cause the attention of Apple, the company did not fix it.

If your iPhone is suffering from the bug, then you can try the below temporary fix.

You need to switch of JavaScript support in iOS (Settings > Safari > Advanced and then flip the toggle for JavaScript to off).

Another theory is that the bug is caused by installing an app that makes use of extensions, and that removing those apps makes the problem disappear.

But no matter what, we expect Apple to be able to come forward to explain this, after all, which seriously affected the daily use.

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