How to Install Kodi Player on iPhone Without Jailbreak

You presumably no stranger to Kodi player, its predecessor is “XBMC”, is a popular media player for jailbroken device, which has been the favorite of many users because of its powerful decoding performance and excellent playback quality. Now you can install this awesome player on iOS devices even no jailbreak, the below is a simple tutorial guides you how to install Kodi player on a non-jailbroken iOS device.

It should be noted that this method does not provide a specific version for installing, the process might be somewhat cumbersome, and the premise is You gotta have a little experience in the use Xcode 7 and a Mac computer. Here are the steps

Step 1: Download the latest Kodi deb files from the official website, then go to GitHub to download iOS App Signer.

Step 2: Connect iOS device with Mac and run Xcode, create a new application project and named it “Kodi” and fill in the relevant identifier information.

Step 3: Once you created the new application project, select the current location of the development team or fill in your Apple ID in the Identity menu of Xcode. If you see “Fix Issuue” button, please click.

Step 4: Click Product in Xcode menu bar to select a connected device, minimize Xcode, open the just downloaded iOS App Signer, then select the Kodi Deb file at Input File, then select Signing Certificate and Provisioning Profile you just created if necessary.

Step 5: When everything is ready, then click on Start-Save in iOS App Signer to creat the Kodi Player.ipa on the desktop.

Setp 6: Now you need to install the ipa file via Xcode: Open Xcode, select a connected device, import / install ipa file.

You can disconnecte you device with the computer once the Kodi player successfully installed, if you still do not understand the process, you can view the above video tutorial provided by iDownloadBlog.

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